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Maurizio A. M. Beretta

A native and resident of Italy and a retired airline captain, I also am a collector of vintage military vehicles, having started my collection with a 1943 Willys MB, and currently possessing several WWII vehicles. I have been a member of MVPA continuously since 1996 and have attended many MVPA conventions and visited most of the active US affiliate clubs, learning to put faces to names. I have worked to network with military vehicle collectors from many countries and have contributed to MVPA magazines as a correspondent. Finally, I have served as a judge at MVPA conventions and have been active in the HMV-Italia group, serving as commissioner and technical advisor.

As a member of the MVPA Board, I envision that my main task will be to help build links and networks between military vehicle collectors of different countries. In 2014 I was MVPA recruiter of the year, and I hope to put my networking and “people” skills to work in building our organization.



Kevin Emdee

I am a military veteran with 20 years of service and have been a member of the MVPA and its predecessors for 42 years, with attendance at 27 national conventions. I have restored two vehicles during my membership and have three others that are for daily use and maintenance of my property.

I am asking for your confidence in allowing me to represent you for a third term as a director on the Board of the MVPA. I currently fill the position of treasurer. Along with the other members of the board, I have worked to keep the MVPA financially stable and employ sound fiscal policies in handling your association’s finances. As membership numbers decline, it is important to maintain the quality of service to you, the membership, in administration, publications, and support of our international conventions. If you will allow me to continue in your service, I pledge to continue working to the best of my ability to be fiscally responsible and a team member, to maintain the standards that we set to support our membership, whether you restore a vehicle, use one as a daily driver, or fix up that barn find. Thank you.



Bill Scott

As a longtime collector, I have owned many military vehicles and have performed several frame-off restorations. I am active in our local Kilroy Chapter, which is deeply involved in community activities, and am in charge of planning many of the events.
For 43 years I have been a business owner and have also served on many civic boards in my community.

Our hobby is losing many members due to age, loss of interest, and the fact that so much information that was once available only by belonging to an organization such as ours, is now available on the Internet. In these rapidly changing times, the MVPA offers us several advantages. You’ll meet fellow members who can share their considerable knowledge. You’ll attend conventions where you’ll have the chance to see other vehicles, buy parts from vendors, and get advice on your projects. And you’ll get two of the best magazines in the field: Supply Line and Army Motors, where, for about a buck a week, you’ll get information on our hobby not available anywhere else. I have experience on your MVPA Board as a current member and would like to continue serve in the Board’s efforts with the next term.


Steve Greenberg

I have been collecting and restoring old military vehicles since 1976. My first vehicle was a 1941 1/2-ton Dodge, which I bought during my senior year in high school, and over the past 38 years I have owned 12 WWII vehicles. I have been an active member
of the MVCCO since 1978; I have served as its president and have been the editor of its newsletter for about 25 years. I was a member of the MVPA Board of Directors, 1985-86, and have attended several MVPA conventions and been involved with military-vehicle events on the local level. Meeting and honoring veterans is the main reason I collect WWII military vehicles and organize and attend military-vehicle events.

As a MVPA board member, I would like to see our organization grow and educate more people about military history through the collecting, preservation, and exhibition of vintage military vehicles. It is very important to continue to have these vehicles on display at events on the national and local levels through the affiliates of the MVPA, both to honor military veterans and to educate people about military history.

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Vote for up to four candidates. All votes must be cast no later than 1 November 2017.