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Bring Your HMV to Pleasanton!

Make Tracks to the 2016 MVPA Convention in Pleasanton, California, and bring your historic military vehicle, whether it’s restored, a daily driver, a rolling chassis, or a “barn find”, we want them all! There is no charge to display your vehicle, however there is a charge if you want it judged or marked “For Sale”. ALL vehicles, and their owners, must be registered for the MVPA convention, which can be done right here on the site by logging in and clicking on the 41st Annual MVPA Convention. If you wish to have your vehicle judged, it must be registered by 10 July 2016.

Vehicle pre-judging will be Wednesday 10 August, with actual judging on Friday August 12th allowing the judges to enjoy the first day of the convention uninterrupted. I would also like to ask members attending to consider volunteering to judge vehicles. You will not be asked to judge a vehicle on your own the first time you judge. You will be partnered with an experienced judge so you can “learn the ropes”. If you know of anyone attending who would make a great judge, please, have them contact me!

This year’s convention has historical significance as there were close to 50,000 Ford GPWs built at the Ford Assembly plant and tank depot during WW2 in close by Richmond, Ca. The building, which is now home to the National Rosie the Riveter Museum, is still standing about 45 minutes from the Alameda County Fairground. To determine if you GPW was built at the Richmond plant the serial number on the original data plate will have nothing stamped in the small box above the serial number, except for very early ones, which had the serial number stamped there rather than the normal spot, and there will be no date in the Date of Delivery box. If the data plate is not original the frame stamping will also tell you that it was assembled at Richmond. Look for the GPW stamping of the frame stamping to be faint and not have a dash between the W and the first digit of the number.

So don’t miss this rare opportunity to bring your Richmond built GPW back to where it got its start so many years ago. Also, the MVCC is wanting to have a record number of Dodges to be displayed at the convention, and have a vendor offering free T-shirts to any member bringing a Dodge, so make your plans today.

Tom Wolboldt
MVPA Vehicle Chairman


Posted by MVPAStaff : June 2, 2016 1:52 pm

MVPA Our House in Normandy

Traveling to France to see the D-Day sites? Bringing your MV? Need a place to stay or just relax? The MVPA guest house right in Normandy is open to all members and operated by Pierre and Silvia of the Florida MVPA. To find out more, go to

Posted by CL Smith : October 8, 2012 12:10 pm

Jeep gets a lift

MVPA and MVCC member Dennis Burns fulfills the request for a “real” WWII  jeep. The audience gets a glimpse of WWII history in action as Burns’ 1942 GPW is loaded onto the USS Hornet, part of the “Living Ship Day” celebration held on June 18, 2012. Special guest for the event was U.S. Army Sgt. Francis “Jeep” Sanza, who served as Gen. George Patton’s driver during World War II in western Europe.




Posted by CL Smith : August 7, 2012 4:52 pm

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The MVPA includes nearly 100 affiliated groups, where thousands of hard working members plan, organize, and conduct numerous regional and international events. These include:

  • Recreate anniversaries, commemorations, convoys, etc.
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  • Historic and veteran’s events
  • Campouts and trail rides

In all cases the motivation is the same: come together as a community, share your enthusiasm with others, and keep these historic vehicles in motion.

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