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Brazil celebrates anniversary

“Victory Convoy”
São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Minas Gerais
BRASIL – 21 to 23, March, 2014.

In the year we remember the 70th anniversary about sending troops composing the FEB – Brazilian Expeditionary Force and its “baptism of fire” on the battlefields in Northern Italy during World War II, nothing better than recall this important historical milestone of Brasil and those young men (today nonagenarian), who on behalf of the entire nation outraged, left the safety of their homes without knowing where they were going, not knowing if could ever return to their homeland, and took up arms to respond to the enemy torpedoes in the Brazilian shore against our ships, offending and killing over a thousand compatriots.

Four hundred and sixty seven of our “pracinhas” never return. Other two thousand seven hundred were injured or maimed for the rest of their lives…

The Brazilian Force was composed of soldiers, pilots, sailors and nurses recruited in all States of the Federation. Fought with courage and value ’till the end of World War II. The effort of the entire Brazilian nation, embodied in FEB, contributed to the Allied victory against Nazi-fascism, establishment of world peace and the birth and strengthening of democracy in our country.

Back to the motherland they were greeted with jubilation, but unfortunately, a few years later fell into oblivion around the population.

For that history being not erased by time, the Brazilian Association for the Preservation of Military Vehicles (ABPVM) and Historical Group of the FEB (GH – FEB), entities strictly apolitical with preservationist nature coming from civil society, took together the initiative to perform the first edition of the “Victory Convoy” – with no precedents in History.

The way we will play our “Pracinhas” routes until they reached Rio de Janeiro (port of exit to Italy 1944), remembering the participation of the three Expeditionary Regiments:

1st RI – Sampaio Regiment, 6th RI – Ipiranga Regiment and 11th RI – Tiradentes Regiment.

There will be a convoy unprecedented in Brazil, even South America. Approximately 100 historical military vehicles from ABPVM and 200 members/reenactors of GH-FEB properly uniformed will honor the veterans of the FEB, providing to the general public an expository vision, and not imposing, the milestones in the History of Brazil related to the Brazilian Expeditionary Force, the military auto-mechanization and these effects in our daily lives.

The purpose is not to make any apology about war. Our true intention will be doing justice remembering those Brazilians who fought for peace!

Posted by CL Smith : March 20, 2014 1:12 pm

M100 Raffle Fundraiser for Gary Wirth

Trailer_raffle_flyer_FINALOur friend and award-winning military vehicle and car restoration expert, Gary Wirth, is in urgent need of help. For years, Gary has been one of the top go-to guys for the best in MV restoration. He made the old, new again. Refreshed the tired. Helped the battle-worn. Now it’s our turn to help him. We invite you to join us to offer finan­cial help to him and his wife, Sherry, in this difficult time. 

Gary was diagnosed with Chronic Lymphocytic Leuke­mia (CLL) in 2007. But now, his condition has worsened. He needs a T-cell transplant at Mayo Clinic in October, where they will essentially replace his immune system with that from a carefully selected donor. He has al­ready started weekly preparation treatments and will continue to do so until the transplant surgery.

Once the transplant is completed at Mayo, he and Sherry will stay in Rochester for at least 3 months in near isolation for monitoring and follow-up treatment. The prognosis is good, but not certain, and the journey will take months on a long and sometimes difficult road.

Thankfully, their health insurance will pay for most of the transplant costs, but not for his stay. And without work or income until after his Rochester stay, their ev­eryday expenses need to be covered as well.

The need is real. And the need is now. Their expenses are already mounting. Will you please help contribute to the Gary Wirth Restoration Trust? 

Please send a check, make an immediate PayPal trans­fer payment, or make a deposit today at any Wells Far­go Bank to the Gary Wirth Restoration Trust account. Check our Facebook page for updates, more info and for ways to buy tickets for the M100 trailer raffle! 

And we know that you, like us, will look for other ways to help them in the months to come, to let them know that they are in our hearts and prayers every day.



Questions & RSVP: Mike Dyer @ 612.840.1194 or 19645 Hills of Claire Ave., Prior Lake, MN 55372-8775 or

Wells Fargo Acct: Gary Wirth Restoration Trust
Facebook page: Gary’s Restoration

Please note: while all proceeds will go to Gary & Sherry, these
will not be tax-deductible donations. The cost and time required
to make that possible was too great and took too long.

Posted by CL Smith : December 2, 2013 10:42 am

Soldiers on display in Texas

MVPA member Tom Townsend of Rusk, Texas put together this little video highlighting the events at the annual Museum of the American GI Open House. The museum has a great collection of vehicles and equipment. To find out more, visit their website at You can view Tom’s “toy” collection at For more military vehicle videos, visit the MVPA’s channel at

Posted by CL Smith : December 14, 2012 12:23 pm

MVPA Our House in Normandy

Traveling to France to see the D-Day sites? Bringing your MV? Need a place to stay or just relax? The MVPA guest house right in Normandy is open to all members and operated by Pierre and Silvia of the Florida MVPA. To find out more, go to

Posted by CL Smith : October 8, 2012 12:10 pm

Jeep gets a lift

MVPA and MVCC member Dennis Burns fulfills the request for a “real” WWII  jeep. The audience gets a glimpse of WWII history in action as Burns’ 1942 GPW is loaded onto the USS Hornet, part of the “Living Ship Day” celebration held on June 18, 2012. Special guest for the event was U.S. Army Sgt. Francis “Jeep” Sanza, who served as Gen. George Patton’s driver during World War II in western Europe.




Posted by CL Smith : August 7, 2012 4:52 pm

Texas members meet with Alberta affiliate

Members of the Alberta MVPA Affiliate host Dennis Boots and the Texas convoy, during a stop in Edmonton, on their way to Dawson Creek and the launch of the AC’12 Convoy.

On 27 July members of the Alberta MVPA arrived via motor coach to take the convoy participants from their camp site to Reg Hodgson’s Motor Pool for a BBQ.

Most of the Texas AC’12 participants are shown in the photo along with about 10 members of the Alberta MVPA Affiliate.

Photo by James Berry

Posted by CL Smith : August 7, 2012 9:41 am

March MVPA Affiliate News

NY-PENN Military Vehicle Collectors Club is scheduled to attend Tobyhanna Army Depot’s 100th Anniversary open house on June 23.  For information, visit

The Kansas City Hell on Wheels Affiliate will host a vehicle display at the Liberty Memorial in Kansas City, Missouri on May 27 & 28.  Their display is a popular part of the annual Memorial Day Celebration, hosted by the National WWI Museum.  For more information, contact: Rick Shepherd at 913.522.2071 or

The MVCC of Colorado members are to take part in a celebration of military personnel and families in their community, hosted by the Aurora Public Library and History Museum.  The event coincides with the Aurora History Museum’s Vietnam Graffiti Exhibition.  The event is May 12 with an emphasis on Vietnam-era vehicles, but all military vehicles are welcome.  For more information, visit

The Red Ball Military Transport members will be busy on Memorial Day weekend with three parades listed on their event schedule in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, and Blairstown and Belvidere, New Jersey.  For more information, visit

Posted by Webmaster : March 19, 2012 5:04 pm

MVPA Affiliates Join the 2012 Membership Challenge

Ohio Motorpool: John Cheney II and Ann Winegardner report that 80% of their 329 members belong to the MVPA.  Of the 20% who are non-MVPA members, eight are in-active and 41 have never joined.  This is an improvement from last year when just 64% of the 329 members were active MVPA members.  They plan to approach the 49 current Ohio Motorpool members who are not active in the MVPA and, as John stated, “Do a little arm twisting.” 

Rolling Thunder (Kansas): Chester Ginn reports they will waive the Rolling Thunder 2012 membership dues if their members join the MVPA.  Shortly after the offer was made eight Rolling Thunder members joined the MVPA. 

Mid-America Chapter (Missouri): President, Bruce Pettus requested promotional material and guidance on promoting the 2012 MVPA Membership Drive.  He plans to present it at the next Mid-America Chapter meeting.  MVPA-HQ sent Bruce the MVPA Membership Drive Information for Affiliate Groups, sample Army Motors and Supply Line issues, plus MVPA brochures, and promotional business cards. 

Click here for the MVPA Membership Drive Information for Affiliate Groups.  Contact MVPA-HQ for promotional materials at or 800-365-5798.

Posted by Webmaster : March 19, 2012 4:59 pm

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