Donations & Benefactors

The Historic Military Vehicle hobby is immersed in history, legacies, and preservation for the next generation. The vehicles are only one part of that commitment. Continuing support of the organization that has been a part of your life in the hobby is the other important part. From those who operated these vehicles in service, to those who acquired and preserved them upon release from duty, to the early HMV enthusiasts who organized and established the MVPA’s roots, it’s always been about benefiting the next generation. Keep that tradition alive by becoming a MVPA Benefactor. Your generous tax deductiblecontribution to the MVPA Archives provides for the preservation of critical vehicle drawings and materials for restorers, preservationists, historians, and everyday HMV enthusiasts.

Your critical funds allow the MVPA Archives to expand further into areas of public education, research, and vital data access for hobbyists. That means your monetary gift will carry on your commitment and bring the hobby to new generations. And just as previous generations left a legacy that benefits all of us now, so can you. Please consider a legacy gift to the MVPA Archives. Include an endowment for the Archives in your financial plans, helping insure future generations understand, appreciate, and preserve these machines of history.
Let your passion and commitment carry on.

Your contribution will help keep history in motion beyond what you’ve done with your own vehicles. Your gift allows new generations of HMV enthusiasts to carry on that tradition.

Please consider making a generous tax deductible contribution as a MVPA Benefactor today and complete the legacy you’ve established. Click here to download the form to do your part. Thank you for honoring the commitment made by those before you and enhancing it for the next generation.