Hagerty Insurance Discount for MVPA Members!

Hagerty Insurance has announced a 5% discount toward the cost of vehicle insurance coverage for MVPA Members!* The discount program is part of the ongoing partnership between the Military Vehicle Preservation Association and Hagerty Insurance.

This provides welcome savings to MVPA Members*—savings that can be applied to that ongoing vehicle project or the next vehicle for your collection! And, this doesn’t just apply to your historic military vehicle! Many MVPA Members own other historic vehicles in addition to their HMV. So, if you own a 1968 Camaro along with your 1959 M37, Hagerty will apply the 5% MVPA Member* discount to your historic vehicle insurance bill!

MVPA Members who are not current Hagerty customers—and wish to explore Hagerty coverage—must apply for coverage to determine eligibility as normal policy restrictions and limitations apply. To apply for a Hagerty Insurance quote, MVPA Members should click here and log in. After logging in, click the “Hagerty Insurance” tab on the left. If you have difficulty logging in, contact the MVPA headquarters for assistance.

If you’re a current MVPA Member who already has Hagerty Insurance coverage, contact Hagerty at your next renewal to ask about the MVPA Member discount.* Be sure your MVPA membership is current and have your MVPA Member number ready! (The discount may only be applied at renewal time and may not be applied in the middle of a policy period.)

Not a MVPA Member? Click here to sign up to enjoy all the benefits of MVPA membership and be eligible for a Hagerty discount! Once your membership is processed and confirmed, you may apply for Hagerty’s MVPA Member discount.

Through this partnership, the MVPA and Hagerty Insurance are committed to preserving historic vehicles and to those who own them!

*At this time, not available in California, Massachusetts, and Tennessee. Contact Hagerty for details.

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MVPA Board of Directors Meeting

Ohio, March 18 – 19, 2016: Military Vehicle Preservation Association Board of Directors Meeting at the IX Center, One I-X Center Dr, Cleveland, OH. Friday from 5:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.; Saturday 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m. All active MVPA members are welcome to attend. Contact: MVPA-HQ; (800) 365-5798,

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Results of the MVPA 2015 Board of Directors Election

Term March 2016 – March 2020

The CPA firm completed the count and MVPA Secretary Tom Wolboldt certified the election on December 18, 2015. There were 583 valid ballots counted compared to 785 in the 2013 election, 965 in the 2011 election, and 735 ballots in the 2009 election. 36 ballots were not valid for various reasons. The 583 ballots amounted to 10.1% of the total membership at the time of the vote count by the CPA.

The following nominees received the highest number of votes and will serve a 4-year term staring in March 2016: Kevin Lockwood (414 votes), Tom Wolboldt (393 votes), David Welch (313 votes), and Tom Clark (278 votes).

The new and returning Board members will be serving the first 2 years of their terms with Elected Directors Kevin Emdee, Daniel Dolan, Steve Greenberg and Bill Scott, whose terms end in 2018. The appointed Directors are Reg Hodgson – Army Motors Editor; David Doyle – Supply Line Editor; and ( Position not filled at this time ) – Convention Chairman.

The following nominees will be called to serve in order of their vote count if any of the eight elected Directors cannot complete their term prior to the next election in 2017: Dennis Ripp (277 votes), Paul Viens (266 votes), or Pedro Campos (201 votes).

The next election process will start with the call for nominations in March 2017.

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Steve Preston Memorial Funding

Many of you have asked what you can do to help Steve Preston’s family during this difficult time. Rachel and I have discussed this, and concluded that Steve would have really appreciated something that helps secure the future for his daughters, Courtney and Taylor. Rachel has set up an account called the “Courtney and Taylor Preston Education Fund.”  If you would like to donate funds in memory of Steve Preston, please make your checks payable to:

Courtney and Taylor Preston Education Fund
C/O Sergeants Towing
2045 N Vancouver Ave.
Portland, OR 97227

Thank you for your kind thoughts and support.

Steve Greenberg
Director MVPA

Posted by MVPAStaff : November 12, 2015 10:47 am

MVPA member provides tank for “Fury”

MVPA member Stelan Lopez’s company,, provided Sony Pictures with the star of their motion picture “Fury”. No, Not Brad Pitt, but the Sherman M4A3E8 featured in the film. Here are some of Stelan’s photos from the set and promotional events with the cast members. Check out all the photos on our Facebook page at


Posted by CL Smith : January 27, 2015 2:06 pm

MVPA launches new E-membership option and digital publications

MVPA-tabletby David Doyle

Most people agree, the only thing that seems to stay the same is change. It seems only a few years ago that Supply Line was a thin pulp paper buy/sell listing, and Army Motors was a slick black and white publication. I also clearly remember when gas stations had to hand letter the dollar increment in fuel prices, because the pumps would not display more than .99 9/10 per gallon; when mailing a package to friends in Britain cost only a few pennies more than mailing the same package to a friend here in the US, and how I hoped to own an example of each body type G-742 2 1/2-ton truck.

But those things have changed. I’m getting to the point in life where I need to start thinking about having LESS stuff, instead of more, and increasingly I find that what I do want – I want NOW. I sit in an office filled with hundreds of books, and filing cabinets of documents. My son sits in an office filled with few books, but several video monitors and infinitely more computing power than was aboard the Apollo spacecraft. I am sure that this “generation gap” is not unique to us.

I travel with a briefcase stuffed with a few magazines of current interest. The young man near me in the waiting room has a thin plastic tablet, upon which he can read any of thousands of books, from Shakespeare’s works to the latest New York Times. While I prefer my way, I can see the appeal of his.

The MVPA Directors have heard the request, not only from younger members, but also those looking to lessen the amount of “things” in their home, as well as our overseas members who would like to speed access to their publications. We have also heard the requests of our membership that we look for ways to maintain our current level of member services, but provide them at a lower cost.

One solution to these varied requests can be found in an “E-membership.” Members, and future members, who opt for the E-membership will continue to have all the benefits and privileges inherent with MVPA regular membership, but rather than receiving printed copies of Army Motors and Supply Line via postal mail, they will access and read their publications online.

The publications will be accessed through the Association website, Members will need only to log in with their membership credentials to gain access. Naturally, the publications, which are a member benefit, will not be available to non-members, and software will track access and limit the number devices that a member can use to access the publications. This will prevent non-members from accessing the material, even if they should discover someone’s membership credentials.

In addition to being able to be read through like a conventional magazine, the online publications are searchable. Open the electronic magazine, enter what you are looking for in the search box, say “CCKW” or “M151”, click search, and it will show you every instance those terms appear in the issue.

If you want a hard copy of a page from a how-to article to take into the shop, simply print that page out. Plus, an active online library of back issues is being developed as well.

To introduce this format, the current issue of Supply Line, as well as the previous few issues of Supply Line and Army Motors, are on line now. To view these publications, go to click on the “Member Login & Renew” link on the left hand side of the page. After logging in you can access the portal to the MVPA digital publication library.

It is membership renewal time for many of you now, and we would like to ask you to explore the electronic format. If you would like to keep your traditional membership format with print publications, renew accordingly. The print publications are not going away, rather we are merely adding the additional option of electronic membership. If you would like your upcoming membership term to be in the new E-membership format, then check the appropriate membership category and remit the lower $35 rate. Note that E-memberships are the same price world wide.

Your directors welcome your feedback on this new membership option.


Posted by CL Smith : December 2, 2014 4:49 pm

MVPA Our House in Normandy

Traveling to France to see the D-Day sites? Bringing your MV? Need a place to stay or just relax? The MVPA guest house right in Normandy is open to all members and operated by Pierre and Silvia of the Florida MVPA. To find out more, go to

Posted by CL Smith : October 8, 2012 12:10 pm

Submit Your News

The MVPA includes nearly 100 affiliated groups, where thousands of hard working members plan, organize, and conduct numerous regional and international events. These include:

  • Recreate anniversaries, commemorations, convoys, etc.
  • Local and regional displays, and public education
  • Historic and veteran’s events
  • Campouts and trail rides

In all cases the motivation is the same: come together as a community, share your enthusiasm with others, and keep these historic vehicles in motion.

Submit your Affiliate news blurb to All submissions must be no more than 600 words.

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