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BH’15 Convoy Comms Package – March

Here is the latest communication package from the 2015 MVPA Bankhead Highway Convoy which will kick off later this year.

Items covered:

  • Current roster level
  • Sponsor activities
  • A typical Daily Trip Map
  • Honoring our Veterans
  • Update your first aid / CPR / AED training
  • “Listen Only” Radio information

Click HERE to download the document. You can also visit the MVPA Historic Convoys Facebook Page at www.facebook.com/MVPAConvoy

Posted by CL Smith : March 31, 2015 10:28 am

2015 Santa Fe Trail Convoy

Announcing the June 30-July 7, 2015 Santa Fe Trail Convoy for members of the MVPA. The convoy is an eight day 692 miles round trip tour of the historic and scenic sights in Northeast New Mexico. The convoy begins and ends at Black Mesa B&B in Oklahoma. Highlights include Capulin Volcano National Monument, the NRA Whittington Center, Cumbres & Toltec Scenic Train, Carson National Forest, Rio Grande Gorge, Car Show on the Plaza Santa Fe, historic St. James Hotel, Villa Philmonte, and the Kit Carson Museum. For further details visit MVPA.org, events. See our other convoy tours on YouTube; Black Hills & Missouri Convoys. Music is from the Prelude to How The West Was Won by the Hollywood Symphonic Orchestra.

Posted by CL Smith : December 22, 2014 3:19 pm

Update on the Missouri Convoy(s)

UPDATE: 2014 “Show Me” Missouri Convoy & 5th Annual WWII Missouri Convoy-2 convoys in 1!
LOCATION: Southeast Missouri, starting and ending in Arcadia, Missouri
SUBJECT: Operation Arcadia

Within the larger “Show Me” Convoy the smaller 1 day WWII Convoy is still a happening. The WWII Convoy takes place on Saturday, October 11 and they will lead the pack that day. The larger convoy is open to all era HMVs, uniforms optional. The WWII Convoy requires a WWII vehicle and proper period attire.

The October 11-17 convoy is now has only 10 vehicle slots remaining. If you have not signed on you have missed the early bird registration period. Here is an updated list of the vehicles signed on.

1-Mike Gamble, Ben Wheeler, TX (1942 M3A1 Scout Car)
2-Rick Ellison, Emory, TX (1942 Dodge WC25)
3-Joe Allison, Center Ridge, AR (1943 GPW)
4-Steve Sears, Belleville, IL (1942 Dodge WC58)
5-Steve Smith, Clarksville, AR (1943 Willys)
6-John Reed, Cape Girardeau, MO (M37B1)
7-Jeff Rowsam, Denmark, WI, (1942 WC21)
8-Gil Snyder, Green Bay, WI (1945 MB)
9-Joe Kalal, Hillsboro, MO (1943 Chev M6)
10-Jeff Brendle, Fenton, MO (1942 GPW)
11-Don Wardlaw, St. Louis, MO (1945 MB)
12-George Steinbron, Jesup, IA (M37)
13-Terry Johns, Florissant, MO (1936 LaSalle Sedan)
14-Ron Burbridge, Russel, KS (1942 GPW)
15-Mike Green, Mehlville, MO (1954 M37)
16-Jack Burke, Midland, TX (1985 M1009)
17-Dave Hutson, Cape Girardeau, MO (1952 M38)
18-Roger Hershberger, Jesup, IA (1945 MB)
19-Butch Baker, Hillsboro, MO (1943 GPW)
20-David Croft, Rolla, MO (1944 GPW)
21-Mike O’Sullivan, Cisco, TX (1944 Chevy Blitz)

In addition, we have 18 people signed on as co-drivers or riders.

While the promo video states October 18 as the last day, the last day of the convoy was changed to, Friday, October 17. This was done so that, if you wish, you may participate in the Stars & Stripes Museum’s living history event in nearby Bloomfield, MO on Saturday the 18th. If you include this event in your agenda, it makes the convoy 3 events in 1!

For further info go to www.6thcorpslhg.com and/or contact Trooper Tyree Tours at halftrackjohns@att.net When requesting information please specify you wish to partake of the 1 day WWII Convoy or the longer “Show Me” Convoy.

Posted by CL Smith : July 28, 2014 10:37 am

2015 MVPA Convoy starts to come together

Hey military vehicle fans, The MVPA has launched a new Facebook page just for the organization’s historic convoys including 2015’s Bankhead Convoy from Washington D.C. to San Diego, CA. Go to www.facebook.com/MVPAConvoy and click the LIKE button to get all the information and to receive photos and stories by participants during the actual events!

We have 59 MV teams registered as of 27 August, 2014. To join this great Convoy please call or email MVPA HQ. They will forward your request onto the BH’15 Team. Thanks!”

Posted by CL Smith : May 30, 2014 2:46 pm

Operation Arcadia update

Operation ArcadiaIts now April and the big WWII reenactment at Weldon Spring (Birthplace of WWII reenacting) is over.

My staff car’s water pump rebuild and radiator cleaning passed the test. My replaced fuel sending unit worked too but the charging system on the old car crapped out again.

As to my problem I may well give up trying to fix the generator/voltage regulator thing on my car and go to a 6 volt alternator that you can get now days. Has anyone gone this route? Any suggestions of what to do?

(No, I meant besides that!)

I hope everyone will be likewise busy readying their vehicle for the big convoy this fall.

Here is an update… We now have twelve vehicles listed. Here is the list. Note also we have five additional riders.

That puts the number of people attending the Missouri Convoy this October at over 22.

1-Terry Johns, Florissant, MO (1936 LaSalle Sedan)
2-Mike Gamble, Ben Wheeler, TX (1942 M3A1 Scout Car)
3-Rick Ellison, Emory, TX (1942 Dodge WC25)
4-Joe Allison, Center Ridge, AR (1943 GPW)
5-Steve Sears, Belleville, IL (1942 Dodge WC58)
6-Steve Smith, Clarksville, AR (1941 Ford Staff Car)
7-John Reed, Cape Girardeau, MO (M37B1)
8-Jeff Rowsam, Denmark, WI, (1942 WC21)
9-Gil Snyder, Green Bay, WI (1945 MB)
10-Joe Kalal, Hillsboro, MO (1943 Chev M6)
11-Jeff Brendle, Fenton, MO (1942 GPW)
12-Don Wardlaw, St. Louis, MO (1945 MB)





Bill Hobbs, aka General MacArthur, & Mary Hobbs in Terry’s car
Rick DeClue w/Joe Kalal
John Herman w/Jeff Brendle
Bob Graebe w/Don Wardlaw

Looks like WWII vehicles have the market almost to themselves.

Now there are only 19 open slots remaining.

If you have a friend that wants to go or you have been getting my notes and have not signed up you should ASAP.

I am certain that during my June convoy promo at the big MVPA convention will sell out the remaining slots.

The most critical item, if you are one of those planning to take the woman along, is to not forget to reserve one of the very limited B&B rooms at the Academy where the convoy begins.

Terry Johns

Posted by CL Smith : April 7, 2014 10:59 am

2013 WWII Missouri MVPA Convoy, 12 OCT

On October 12th 2013 the 4th Annual 100 Mile WWII Missouri Convoy will again jump off from Lesterville, in Southeast MO at 08:30 Hrs. WWII uniforms and vehicles required. Convoy departs from the Black River Motel & Restaurant. The promo uses photos from the previous convoys. Go to the Military Vehicle Preservation Association’s web site at www.mvpa.org for more information. Next year the “Show Me” Missouri Convoy will be an eight day excursion through the Mark Twain National Forest and the Ozark National Scenic Riverways with all era antique military vehicles welcome as long as they are capable of 40 mph and are street legal. There will be a limit of 30 vehicles. Music is by John Phillip Sousa, the COLONEL BOGEY MARCH better known as the theme music to the film BRIDGE ON THE RIVER KWAI. (It is an old British Army marching tune.)

Posted by CL Smith : October 7, 2013 9:13 am

The 2014 “Show Me” Missouri Convoy Promo

This is a short promo for the October 11-18, 2014 “Show Me” Missouri Convoy which is a spin-off from the WWII Missouri Convoy of previous years. This convoy is open to all historic street legal military vehicles that can maintain speeds of 40 mph. Uniforms are not mandatory for this event and you can participate for a day or the entire convoy. For further information go to the Military Vehicle Preservation Association’s web site, www.mvpa.org. There is a limit to the number of vehicles permitted and an enlistment charge. Registration will begin at the Louisville, KY MVPA Convention in 2014. Photos are from previous Missouri Convoys and show the highlights of the places the convoy will tour. Not shown is a planned tour of the U.S. Army Museum at Fort Leonard Wood. The music is the U.S. Marine Corps Hymn.

Posted by CL Smith : October 2, 2013 9:18 am

Black Hills Convoy highlights

These are the highlights of our antique military vehicle convoy that occurred in June of 2013. A total of 618 miles were traversed beginning from Fort Robinson State Park. After two days of touring and trail rides at the former military post we set out north on the Deadwood Trail through the Oglala National Grasslands, the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands and crossing the Cheyenne River to enter the Black Hills National Forest of South Dakota. The trip took eight days and we took in all the historic and scenic spots you could toss a monkey wrench at. We had great food, entertainment, scenery and great accommodations. The convoy consisted of twelve jeeps and one 2 1/2 ton truck. We all had a great time and the weather was ideal. Everyone was so pleased that another convoy is planned for June 2016. The music (In The Mood, LLC) is courtesy of South Dakota Tourism. Some photos are from both the Nebraska and South Dakota Tourism.

Posted by CL Smith : October 1, 2013 10:41 am

UPDATE! 4th Annual WWII Missouri Convoy

October 12, 2013 – Lesterville, Missouri

The 100 Mile WWII Missouri Convoy is an annual event designed by and for the WWII re-enactor and military vehicle owner so that they may enjoy their historic vehicle beyond the confines of the typical reenactment. The event typically takes place within a 50 mile radius from the center of the beautiful St. François Mountain Range. With a bit of imagination one can fancy themselves driving thru the Hurtgen Forest or the Ardennes in the fall of 1944. Timing for the convoy has been chosen with care, not to hot or cold and you can look forward to the fall colors during the Columbus Day Holiday weekend.

Contact: Terry Johns; (314) 522-6781 or email at halftrackjohns@att.net.

CLICK HERE to download the information packet.

Posted by CL Smith : May 3, 2013 9:50 am

The Column of Liberation from Our International Friends

Often the Italian Campaign is associated with the idea of a secondary front.  But it was a primary front in the European Theater for an extended period during World War II.  The Allies fought step by step along the Peninsula from Sicily to the Alps, suffering heavy losses as did the Axis forces.  Beginning with the invasion of Sicily in July 1943, the Italian Campaign ended in April 1945.  Public attention to the Italian front likely peaked with the liberation of Rome (June 4, 1944), soon eclipsed by the magnitude of D-Day in Normandy (June 6, 1944).  Despite that, from late-1944 through the winter of 1945 thousand soldiers from both sides were deployed at the Gothic Line, the last German fortified defense line built in the Apennines Mountains.  During the first days of April 1945, the Allies finally managed to clear the Gothic Line and push through the Po Valley for the last effort to reach northern Italy.  The most frequent images of those days depict columns of liberators marching northbound with the population welcoming Allied soldiers during a Spring of New Hope.

This video is the 2012 convoy between Bologna and Cervia, located on the Adriatic coast.  It is part of an annual event officially celebrated in Italy on April 25 to commemorate the days of liberation.  You can also visit their website at http://www.goticatoscana.eu/

Posted by CL Smith : May 3, 2012 9:54 am

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