Vehicle Judging

MVPA’s Judging Guide

Mission: To encourage the preservation and restoration of military vehicles of all eras and origins.

Purpose: To reward excellence in military vehicle preservation and restoration.


Vehicle Judging:

Vehicles must have been owned, used or tested by a military to be entered into judging. No replica vehicles or vehicles that were not used, owned or tested by a military will be allowed to be entered in judging. Replica military vehicles are welcomed to be Display Only vehicles at MVPA events.

Vehicles are judged against a standard and not against each other. It is the restoration of the vehicle and not the type of vehicle that is being judged. Judged vehicles must obtain a certain percent of the total points to place, therefore being the only vehicle in a class is not an automatic win.

It is the entrant’s responsibility to verify the restoration of the vehicle, and if applicable document any variation from accepted standards. Example: A GPW marked as a Korean conflict vehicle may be accepted into the Motor Pool Class if the owner shows that a like vehicle was in use by the military during that time period.

The Running Test must be performed prior to a vehicle entering the convention venue. This test is the responsibility of the host Affiliate and will be supervised by the Chief Judge. A minimum 70% score is required to move on in the judging process. A vehicle that does not pass the Running Test may be resubmitted within the testing time frame, after repairs have been completed. The Running Judge will initial the top of the judging form to verify the Running Test is completed. This test is not required for non-motorized vehicles.


Judging Classes:

Restored Class: This class is for vehicles that are restored to the “like new” appearance, either as it left the factory or as it was when issued for service. Vehicles must be at least 20 years old to be entered in the Restored Class.

Motor Pool Class: This class is for vehicles that are restored to the “in use” appearance after being issued for service by the military. Points are not deducted for correct modifications, replacement motors and installed accessories if proper to the era portrayed by the vehicle. There is no vehicle age restriction in the Motor Pool Class.


Vehicle Awards Presented:

Master Class: This Award is given to any vehicle, registered in the Restored Class, scoring 98% to 100%. These vehicles represent the highest quality restorations. Master Class vehicles may be re-entered in future Restored Class judging.

Restored Class: Gold Awards are given to vehicles scoring 93% – 97.999%, Silver awards are given to vehicles scoring 86% – 92.999%, and Bronze awards are given to vehicles scoring 79% to 85.99%. Restored Class vehicles are all eligible for the Master Class if their vehicle scores enough points.

Motor Pool Class: Gold Veterans awards are given to vehicles scoring 98% – 100% in the Motor Pool Class, Gold Motor Pool awards are given to vehicles scoring 93% – 97.999%, Silver awards are given to vehicles scoring 86% – 92.999%, Bronze awards are given to vehicles scoring 79 – 85.999%.

Original Class: These vehicles will not be judged, but will receive a certificate when bringing a “rolling chassis”, or unrestored running vehicle, to represent historic military vehicles as they are found. to the convention.

Best Vehicle Display: This award is given to the overall DISPLAY rather than just the vehicle(s), and is not limited to judged vehicles. This award is granted based on a majority consensus of the Judges.

Judges Choice Award: This award goes to the vehicle that best represents excellence in vehicle restoration. This award is granted based on a majority consensus of the Judges.

Best of Show: The Member having, as deemed by the majority of the judges, the best display or vehicle at the annual convention.


Click the links below to view or copy the judging form currently used to judge HMVs by the MVPA.

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