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Each year the MVPA’s annual International Convention brings together historic military vehicle enthusiasts from around the world and throughout the U.S. Many of the best vehicles – of all types and eras – and recognized experts are found in one place.

  • Hundreds of restored and original vehicles
  • Displayed, judged, and some available for sale
  • Scores of vendors provide access to parts and information
  • Technical seminars and discussions groups
  • New friends are brought together by a shared interest
  • Activities, tours, and event for all family members
12-14 September 2024
War Machines and War Birds: 49th Annual MVPA-HA Convention to be held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA), 3000 Poberezny Road (Hangars A & C and surrounding area) Register online to attend CLICK HERE

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We are excited to announce that the 49th Annual MVPA-HA International Convention will be held in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, at the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) grounds, 12-14 September 2024. The Midwest Military Vehicle Association (MMVA), the Wisconsin affiliate of the MVPA will be hosting the Convention. Oshkosh offers a variety of fun events and attractions for all ages. Surrounding lakes, rivers and trails provide year-round opportunities to explore the outdoors and the inviting downtown district features all the amenities of a big city within a small-city setting.

Oshkosh has both historic and modern venues featuring engaging exhibits and a vibrant performing arts scene. Year-round events range from gallery walks, dinner theaters and farmers markets to major music festivals and the largest air show in the world, EAA AirVenture. Enjoy shopping at unique boutiques in the downtown district and the popular Shops at Oshkosh, which are home to many popular brand-name stores. Supper clubs, waterfront dining, breweries, wineries, chocolate shops and drive-ins give visitors the opportunity to satisfy any palate.

Conveniently located on the western shore of Lake Winnebago along the US-41 corridor, Oshkosh is an easily accessible destination with numerous lodging and entertainment options that fit every budget. For one week each summer in July, 600,000 EAA members and aviation enthusiasts from more than 80 countries attend EAA AirVenture at Wittman Regional Airport in Oshkosh where they rekindle friendships and celebrate the past, present, and future in the world of flight. For more than 70 years, AirVenture has had it all when it comes to aircraft; warbirds, vintage, home-builts, and ultralights. For many, arriving at Oshkosh is a rite of passage that can only be satisfied by being one of the more than 10,000 aircraft flying in and landing at what becomes the busiest airport in the world.

By partnering with the EAA, we gain the advantage of their experience, planning, and advertising skills to ensure a successful military vehicle show. The MMVA is combining a robust showing of military vehicles from bicycles, scooters, motorcycles, jeeps and light vehicles to heavy trucks, trailers and tracked armored vehicles with the exciting addition of vintage warbirds.

Wittman Airport provides the perfect venue for a combined ground and aircraft show in anticipation of a large number of public attendees. Utilizing two of the EAA grounds hangars, we have ample space for indoor military vehicle displays as well as vendor spaces. Outdoor vendor and military vehicle display areas will also be available for MVPA members.  On site camping and numerous hotels within a short commute make the EAA grounds the perfect site for the MVPA convention.

Nearby attractions include the EAA Museum, the Military Veterans Museum, Wisconsin Maritime Museum and USS Cobia submarine, National Railroad Museum, Lambeau Field, Wisconsin 9/11 Memorial, Oneida Casino and numerous shopping malls and local history sites.  Potential Fall sports opportunities include a Green Bay Packers game at Lambeau Field, and a Milwaukee Brewers game in Milwaukee.

No matter from which direction you travel to Oshkosh, there are numerous sights and attractions to visit on the way there or on the way home.  From the south you can stop at the Civil War Museum in Kenosha, the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, or 1st Division Museum in Cantigny, Illinois.  From the north you can stop at the Bong Museum in Superior, the Fire Museum in Peshtigo, or the National Railway Museum in Green Bay.  From the west you can visit Fort McCoy near Sparta, the Wisconsin Veterans Museum in Madison, or the Wisconsin Dells.  If traveling from the east, consider using one of the two car ferry services that help you avoid Chicago traffic.  The Lake Express connects Milwaukee, WI, and Muskegon, MI, and the SS Badger connects Manitowoc, WI, and Ludington, MI. We will be providing more info in upcoming issues of History on Motion and on the MVPA website.

UPDATE: 22 MARCH 2024 - BID ON A DONATED TRAILER: Plan on attending the 49th Annual MVPA Convention in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, 12-14 September 2024 and bid on this unique trailer for your military vehicle.  We will be auctioning a US Army 1968 Johnson 3/4 ton tool trailer, Model M116A1.  The auction will be Thursday, 12 September at the convention.  Don't let this one get away.  Use it to haul your tools or your sale items from show to show.

UPDATE: 1 OCTOBER 2023 TOURS: Our first tour will be a free shuttle bus between the MVPA-HA Convention area on the Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) grounds, the EAA Museum, and the Military Veterans Museum Education Center (MVMEC) in Oshkosh. The EAA is offering a reduced museum admission for those attending the MVPA-HA Convention. The museum’s collection contains more than 200 historic airplanes along with world-class galleries and displays, including the Eagle Hangar that pays tribute to WWII aviation and the heroes who served. Kids can enjoy the highly interactive KidVenture Gallery that features 16 hands-on exhibits, a scenic overlook from Tower of Flight, as well as a climb into the cockpit of a half-scale model of a modern F-22 Raptor.

The Military Veterans Museum Education Center (MVMEC) is a local, private museum that focuses on honoring our nation’s military history through education and preservation. The MVMEC has a unique display of vehicles from the 359th Transportation Company from Vietnam. Brutus, an up-armored 5-ton cargo and Lil’ Brutus, an up-armored M151, are exact replicas of the convoy security vehicles used by the 359th Transportation Company in Vietnam in 1969. The Brutus gun truck was active from January 1969 to May 1972. The museum’s replica has two forward .50-caliber machine guns and a 7.62 mm minigun in the rear.

In addition, the MVMEC has a Higgins Landing Craft, M20 armored car, a Autocar U-7144T 5-ton semi-tractor as well as uniforms, weapons, and artifacts highlighting Wisconsin service members in all conflicts from the Civil War to the Global War on Terror. Admission to the museum is free and the museum will be open during the public show days, 12-14 September. More on the MVMEC can be found at

Our second tour will travel east to the shores of Lake Michigan where we will visit the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and the USS Cobia in Manitowoc. The Museum engages and educates the public about the Great Lakes; Wisconsin’s maritime history; the state’s WWII submarine production; and the WWII submarine, USS Cobia. Busses will depart the MVPA-HA grounds mid-morning and arrive in Manitowoc in time to tour the museum, climb aboard the USS Cobia, and have lunch (included with the paid tour) overlooking Lake Michigan. Participants will be able to watch as the SS Badger docks to off-load and reload cars and trucks for the ferry trip back to Ludington, Michigan. Busses will return mid-afternoon in time for evening MVPA-HA activities or dinner at a local restaurant. More information on the Wisconsin Maritime Museum and USS Cobia is at

Another day-long trip will be to Titletown USA, sometimes referred to as “Green Bay,” for lunch and a visit to the National Railway Museum (NRM). The NRM is proud to have the only A4 Class locomotive in the United States. This British locomotive was renamed for General Dwight D. Eisenhower after WWII. Along with this engine are two London and North Eastern Railroad cars that were converted for Eisenhower’s use during the war – all three are now housed in the Museum’s Lenfestey Center. In addition, the NRM is home to Union Pacific #4017 “Big Boy.”  Weighing in at 1.1 million pounds and measuring nearly half a football field in length, the 25 “Big Boy” locomotives (built between 1941 and 1945) were designed to haul heavy freight for the Union Pacific railroad over the mountainous regions of Utah and Wyoming. In addition to a ride around the museum on one of the museums’ pieces of rolling stock, a “Hobo Lunch” (sandwich, side, dessert, and beverage) will be included with the paid tour for guests. For more information on the railway museum go to 

UPDATE: 3 January 2024: EAA’s RULES FOR THE CONVENTION: Because we are hosting this convention at an FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)-controlled, commercial runway and the facilities of the EAA, we are subject to additional restrictions which are greater than those policies addressed in the MVPA By-Laws.

Politically significant uniforms will not be worn or displayed under any circumstances. These include, but are not limited to such uniforms as SS or Gestapo uniforms and includes any political insensitive materials related to any WWII enemy combatants of the United States. This does not include uniforms and other material items from countries after WWII to the present. Flags of the Confederate States are also prohibited. 

Firearms and Replica Weapons on Vehicles: Firearms and non-firing replica weapons normally associated with military vehicles will be allowed at the convention — if mounted on a vehicle. The MVPA needs to know if you are bringing a vehicle with an operable weapon on it no later than 1 August 2024. We must then inform the EAA of the weapon and the vehicle which will have the weapon.

At the Convention, an appointed MVPA-HA  safety officer will certify that all weapons capable of discharging a live round are rendered inoperable through the absence of a firing pin or any means that ensures that a round cannot be chambered or the triggering mechanism engaged. We must then confirm to the EAA all the weapon(s) and identify the vehicle(s) on which they are displayed.

All other weapons: All weapons capable of discharging a live round are prohibited at the convention except those associated on display with vehicles as indicated above. Also, no live or blank ammunition will be allowed for display or sale. Those rounds that have had all propellent removed and are incapable of discharging are permitted on vehicles for display or for sale.

SEMINARS: Updated 2 January 2024 - The Midwest Military Vehicle Association, Inc. (MMVA-hosting affiliate) wants to provide seminar topics designed to help the local affiliates become stronger organizations. We believe these seminars will promote the hobby and increase the MVPA membership as well as provide individuals with the “nuts and bolts” knowledge they need to restore their vehicles. So far, we have four seminars slated.

Safe Towing The first seminar will be presented by the Wisconsin State Patrol and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation on safe towing. They will provide information and best practices for towing of historic military vehicles of various size and weight, from jeeps to tracked armored vehicles. This one-hour seminar will be a hands-on experience showing the “do’s and don’ts” of trailering your vehicle. Understanding that most participants will not be routinely trailering their vehicles within the state of Wisconsin, this seminar will focus on the general best practices and federal rules that apply to everyone.

Club Leadership Another seminar, presented by Robert Brough, President, Georgia Military Vehicle Preservation Association (GA-MVPA), will hold a leadership discussion with other affiliate presidents or state representatives. Discussions will include recruiting members, newsletters, club insurance, affiliate events, fund raising, and networking with other similar groups.

Jeep Ownership 101 will focus on the most common historic military vehicle, the quarter-ton GPW/MB/M38/M151 jeep. The seminar will discuss acquiring, restoring, maintaining, driving, and presenting these vehicles at car shows and parades. The seminar will discuss common problems, best practices, and sources for parts for keeping the vehicle road worthy.

Newsletter Workshop Terry Witiuk, the award-winning newsletter editor of the Ontario Military Vehicle Association, will facilitate a workshop where newsletter editors of other affiliates can share their expertise and methods of their respective publications. Editors are invited to attend and share best practices and ideas. Topics will include the pros and cons of digital versus print publications, subject matter and article content, what publishing program to use and why, challenges, recommendations and finally a discussion for affiliates with no newsletter who need a starting point. 

GET INVOLVED Are there seminar topics you would like to see included next September? If so, send your ideas to Please include a brief description of what you would like to see and if possible, the name of someone willing to make the presentation.

The 2025 Convention will return to the Fair and Exposition Center in Louisville, Kentucky, on 18-21 June. The KILROY Chapter will be the host, once again. 

— Bill Scott, or 502-649-6675



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Judges' Choice

Dan Williams
1942 Willys MB AAF Desert Jeep
Dana and Joan Smith
1943 Willys MT Tug

Members' Choice

Michael & Karolee Wolter
1985 AM General HMMWV

Participants' Choice

Dana and Joan Smith
1943 Willys MT Tug

Master Class

John Schroeder
1945 Springfield Auto G-527 Trailer

Factory Class - Gold

Dana Smith
1943 Willys MT Tug
Patrick Sturges
1945 Studebaker M29C

Factory Class - Silver

Randy Wyman
1969 Ford M656

Factory Class - Bronze

No items found.

Motor Pool Class - Veteran

Scott Lackey
1942 Harley-Davidson WLA
Dan Schultz
1941 Ford GP
Mike Wright
1941 Willys MB
Dan Williams
1942 Willys MB
Karl Lind
1944 Cushman Scooter
Martin Bordson
1982 AM General M151A2
Douglas McKee
1944 Studebaker M29
Thomas Durbin
1942 Ford GPW

Motor Pool Class - Gold

Karl Lind
1943 John Wood M3A4 Hand Cart
Jeff Oosting
2003 John Deere Gator
Sean Carrigan
1943 Willys MBT Trailer
Matthew Stein
1944 Willys MB
Karl Lind
1941 Dodge WC-6
Gil Snyder
1945 Willys MB
Kevin Emdee
1967 Ford M151A1
Rick Shepherd
1951 Willys M38
Mark Ingram
1941 Willys MB

Motor Pool Class - Silver

John Ellison
1953 Dodge M37
Jeff Oosting
1983 Chevrolet M1009
Richard Cleer
1967 Ford M151A1
Frank Disney
1953 M38A1D

Motor Pool Class - Bronze

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