10 July 2024

Fellow MVPA Members:  

HQ has recently received reports of two different vehicle ads in History in Motion that attempted to scam people out of money.

One was for a vehicle that the seller wanted money upfront first after which the buyer could come and get the vehicle.

The other involved a vehicle for sale in which the buyer did not ask any questions nor bother to bargain for a lower price. Checks were sent to the seller to cash. They both turned out to be forgeries.

I, too, was a near victim while advertising a MUTT for sale. The buyer did not bargain and sent an overnight check for the selling price plus $7,000.00 more. I was to cash the check and give another man the 7K for him to arrange for transportation. I took the check to the bank, they called the issuing bank and found out the check was written by them but to another individual. Fake!

Always remember: if it sounds to be too good of a deal, it is probably a fake. Always think about how you would buy a vehicle from someone. Would you ask about condition, ask for pictures, and bargain? Be aware.

If you come across any of our ads that do not seem right, please call HQ and let us know.

Kevin Emdee, President, MVPA.

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