Before the parade, consider this…

June 29, 2022

It’s that time of year. Historic military vehicle owners are prepping their favorite olive drab machine to drive in this summer’s parades. Review these tips for a

safe and enjoyable ride.

Pre-Parade Inspection

There are a few things you can do on parade day and still be safe:

* Start and drive your vehicle around the block a few times. Get about 15 minutes of drive time in before you load up everything to go to the parade staging area. Make sure your brakes are engaging and your radiator is cooling.

* Remove items that can be stolen, dropped, or lost. It’s a parade, not a historical reenactment.

* Tires and Brakes. Make sure they are in top-notch order. Check your tire pressure. Hydraulic or air brakes must be able to stop the vehicle within a prudent distance and be capable of overriding the engine moving in a forward direction at idle speed.

* Be sure you have your driver’s license, your vehicle is tagged correctly, and that it is insured. It is not a bad idea to have proof of vehicle registration, as well.

* Prepare an emergency tool kit that includes some basics like a tow strap, pliers, vice grip, and gloves. Be sure you have a fully charged fire extinguisher.

* Pack a few bottles (or jug) of water — for you or your HMV.

* If you are towing a trailer, make sure you attach safety chains.

* Cover the weapons while in transit and leave them unmanned and unhandled during the parade.

* Review the parade organizer’s guidelines. They might require an acknowledgment of parade rules and, most likely, a signed waiver of liability. Make sure you have that paperwork ready.