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Imagine taking your restored historic military vehicle on an adventure with other enthusiasts! Be it a day trip, across the country (or continent!), or through the Alaskan wilderness, MVPA Affiliates host convoys and trail rides throughout the year that provide enjoyment for collectors and their families.

The MVPA also hosts convoys with participants from around the world such as the history-making Transcontinental Convoy in 2009 and the 2012 Alaska Convoy on the famous ALCAN Highway.

Don’t have your own military vehicle yet? Come out and enjoy the ride with some friends!

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The MVPA-HA Convoy Command has announced its next transcontinental convoy will take place October 1-31, 2024. We will retrace the historic 1918 Jefferson Highway route from the Minnesota border to New Orleans, Louisiana, in 30 days, driving over 2,500 miles.

This is the eighth MVPA-HA Convoy promoted by the MVPA-HA, and the first to travel on a north-south axis through the center of the country. The convoy is hoping to provide a relaxing, less-miles-per-day route, with interesting places to stop. The convoy will celebrate the 15th year of the program created at the Little Rock MVPA Convention in 2006.

The Jeffersson Highway 2024 (JH’24) convoy has been designed to encompass American history along the route with multiple stops at historic sites such as: the headwaters of the Mississippi River, parts of the Red River Trail (voyageurs’ oxcart trail) from Winnipeg to St. Paul, the Pony Express Museum, Old Fort Leavenworth, National WWI Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, the old Army Road along the frontier to Fort Scott and southward to the old Spanish Road, the Louisiana “Patton” maneuvers area, Fort Polk, and ending with the National WWII Museum in New Orleans. Less well-known but interesting stops will include original Jefferson Highway historical locations, the Border War between Kansas and Missouri, the John Brown Museum and cabin, and sites of Civil War battles and skirmishes.

We are encouraging MVPA-HA affiliates along the way to join us for a day, a week, or a section of the convoy.  With advanced permission, we will encourage local MVPA members to join for a short drive providing your vehicle passes inspection to be road worthy and with the required equipment. For additional information and to register for the Jefferson Highway JH’24 Convoy, contact MVPA HQ at 800-365-5798, 816-833-6872 or email: .

We hope you are staying safe and we look forward to seeing you on the Jefferson Highway Convoy. Take care and keep ‘em rolling!!

Dan McCluskey, MVPA #25709, 2024 Convoy Commander

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