March 2, 2023

M107/M110 Self-Propelled Artillery, by David Doyle

ISBN  78-1-7397513-0-2 AFV Modeller Publications available from the author at 

Soft cover, 2022, 124 pages, 

Fully illustrated in color and black and white, $35.00.

Profusely illustrated in with a mix of period black-and-white and color images as well as modern detail photos, this volume covers the nearly four-decade history and U.S. military service of these 175mm and 8-inch self-propelled guns.  

Forming the backbone of U.S. artillery during the Cold War, they were heavily used during the Vietnam War. This would not be the weapons last use in combat, however. During the first Gulf War, American artillerymen delivered devastating firepower via the veteran guns. 

In this volume, military vehicle expert, David Doyle, relies on a wealth of historic images all M107 and M110 variants to explain testing, deployment, and combat activities. Many of these images have never been published, including numerous color images taken in Vietnam. Carefully selected photos of preserved examples illustrate the details of the vehicles making this book a valuable asset to historians, artillery  enthusiasts, modelers, and wargamers. And for the veterans who crewed these weapons, it will be a reawakening to the massive firepower they delivered  — John Adams-Graf