BOOK REVIEW: Tough Truck! Australian Army Land Rovers 1949 – 2012

June 3, 2022

Tough Truck! Australian Army Land Rovers 1949 – 2012 by Michael K. Cecil (MVPA member#11344, Spokane, Washington) is a 276-page A4-format hardcover book from Trackpad Publishing, which chronologically covers the history of Land Rovers in the Australian Army. The detailed account starts with Series 1 vehicles and continues with extensive testing and choosing Land Rover Series 2 vehicles to replace the vintage WWII jeeps as the ¼-ton truck in the late 1950s. After describing the adoption of ¾-ton 109-inch wheelbase Land Rover Series 2 trucks, the title provides amazing detail on various Land Rover variants introduced into the Australian Army and gives a broad pictorial overview of a range of activities involving Land Rovers in Australian Army service.

A truly colossal work from Michael Cecil, Tough Truck! provides an amazing collection of testing ground anecdotes, detailed information on various Land Rover variants and over 1000 images and diagrams covering over 60 years of continuous service in the Australian Army. The book is a real masterpiece and well worth the price. I highly recommend this book to modelers, Land Rover enthusiasts and all those interested in the history of the Australian Army.


The book retails at £49.75 in the UK and is available directly from the publisher at:

Retails in the USA for $79.95 on Amazon.

Editor’s note: Michael Cecil has published more than 230 articles and books and book chapters and was the MVPA’s 2019recipient of the Vanderveen Award.