Book Review: USMC Tracked Amphibious Vehicles

December 18, 2023

USMC Tracked Amphibious Vehicles:
T46E1/M76 Otter, M116 Husky, LVTP5, and LVTP7/AAV7A1

By David Doyle


Schiffer Military History 

Available from the author:

P.O. Box 110, Milan, TN 38358. 

Hardcover, 2023, 144 pages,

more than 300 color and black-and-white illustrations, $24.99

Ever since Donald Roebling conceived the amphibious tractor in 1937, “amtracs” — as they came to be known — have played an integral part of the U.S. Marines Corps’ amphibious operations. From the Vietnam War through today, the USMC has relied on four primary types of tracked amphibians: the T46E1/M76 Otter, M116 Husky, LVTP5, and LVTP7/AAV7A1. This new book provides a very detailed photographic exploration of all these vehicles.

As in all of his books, Doyle presents a deep mix of factory, developmental, and “in-field” photos, each supported with well-researched detailed explanations of what is depicted. In this particular volume, he has excelled in rooting out images of these rather obscure vehicles — many of which have not been seen outside of Marine channels. The unusualness of the vehicles; the clear, vintage photos; and Doyle’s expertise make this a very important work on USMC amphibians after WWII —John Adams-Graf