BOOK REVIEW: Studebaker US 6 Including REO Production

May 23, 2022

Whereas almost every WWII military vehicle enthusiast will quickly agree that the US6 2-1/2-ton truck

was one of the most stylish looking wheeled vehicles produced in the United States for the war effort,

very few can share historic details about the nearly 200,000 trucks that bore that designation. In fact, the

US6 might be one of the most misunderstood production vehicles to roll out of American factories during

WWII — that is, until now.

For the past 20 years, military vehicle scholar and author, David Doyle, has researched the nuances of

the US6 as it came off Studebaker and REO production lines. This massive, authoritative book is the

result. Having combed through Studebaker design and production records and cross-referencing that info

with military acquisition, Doyle has “cracked the code” on specific contracts and deliveries of the US6

and its variants. While most will state that the bulk of US6 production went to Lend-Lease partners,

Doyle proves that is factually correct, but also raises the valuable question of where did nearly 20% of the

production go that was not sent out to America’s allies. This book provides the answers.

Divided into seventeen chapters, Doyle starts at the beginning with Studebaker’s contention for

providing the primary 2-1/2-ton truck to the US military. Though GM’s CCKW emerged as the truck of

choice, Studebaker won several quantity contracts. In fact, chapters are devoted to the British contract,

DA-W-398-QM-6 and contract W-2021-QM3 for the Russians.

Throughout the book, detailed, high-resolution images drive home contract details that Doyle

uncovered. But that isn’t a sufficient description. These photos are close-up, sharp, and professionally

produced during truck production. Almost all 600+ images are reproduced either as 1/2 or full page. This

book has been produced with gorgeous quality to preserve those deep details. It truly is a fitting

celebration for these magnificent trucks. If you are restoring a US6 or building a model, this book has the

under-the-hood-and-body images you so desperately need.

Enough cannot be written to express the quality of this volume — you just have to purchase it to

discover the depth of data and meaningful images Doyle brought together. A tip of the hat to Portrayal

Press for producing the kind of book serious military vehicle enthusiasts, restorers, and modelers want.

ISBN 978-0938242079

Hardcover, 2021, 612 pages, more than 600 color and black and white illustrations, $99.00.

Published by Portrayal Press, PO Box 944, Branchville, NJ 07826; 855-339-0382;

or directly from the author at