Call for Board Nominations

April 4, 2023

We are looking for those MVPA members who are willing to step up and help guide the organization with their experience, skills, and love of the hobby. This election will fill director positions for 2024-2028.

The members of the MVPA Board comes from the membership, so please consider helping. To qualify, you need to have been an MVPA member in good standing for 5 years prior to the nomination deadline (May 2023), registered for and attended at least one annual convention in the past 6 years, not be a convicted felon, and it would be helpful if you possess skills, experience, or expertise that will benefit the MVPA.

All nomination forms/resumes and photos must be postmarked by 21 May 2023. To request copies of MVPA Policies 3, 13 and 14, governing the Board of Directors, or to request a nomination form contact MVPA Headquarters at 800.365.5798 or 816.833.6872 or

2023 Election Timeline:

*March 25 – Call for Nominations

*May 21 – Deadline for nomination submission to MVPA Headquarters

*June 15 – Slate presented to Board

*June 20 – Board approves slate

*July 1 – List of nominees published online (

*August 23 – Candidate profiles published online and in History in Motion

*October 20 – Vote!

*November 30 – Deadline for Ballots

*December 20 – Results posted online (

For more information, contact Nominating Committee Chairman Mike Lusty (765) 618-7219 or