Book Review: U.S. Army Diamond T Vehicles in World War II

October 19, 2023

Founded in 1905, Diamond T Motor Car Company’s relationship with the U.S. military began during WWI when it produced 638 3-ton Class B “Liberty” trucks. By the end of WWII, the Chicago-based company delivered nearly 36,500 trucks to the armed forces.

In this new volume, historian Didier Andres tells the specific stories of the pre- and wartime Diamond T trucks and half-tracks. Historic photographs and illustrations complement production statistic, contract data, and registration number listings, making this a thorough exploration of 4-ton trucks, prime movers, and half-tracks for both the U.S. and Canadian armies as well as Lend-Lease. 

No serious library of WWII vehicles should miss including this volume. —  JAG