BOOK REVIEW: The Big Macks: A Visual History

December 21, 2022

by David Doyle

ISBN 978-0989554756

EmFour Publishing Company, available from the author at  Softbound, 120 pages, $24.95

This volume’s full title is The Big Macks: A Visual History of the Mack Wheeled Prime Movers in U.S. Army Service, 1940-1958. If that bite wasn’t enough to satisfy you, we will reveal the ingredients for David Doyle’s special sauce in his “Big Macks:” 

1. Unlike other “archive-searching” vehicle authors, Doyle relies on a strong foundation of meaningful captions built on hours of research. 

2. On top of that foundation, he places meaningful, strong archival images that haven’t been widely used by others.

3. He provides another layer of understanding by photographing and highlighting professionally restored, extant examples of Mack trucks.

4. And finally, he tops it all with a light mix of rare, period color images that show the trucks in military service. 

Big Macks is a delicious celebration of some of the largest and mightiest trucks of WWII and beyond: Mack NO-1s through NO-7s, NQs, and even the M125s and M125A1s of the Cold War era. Order today before quantities run out! As far as The Big Macks is concerned (and with a nod to McDonald’s)...

“Ba Da Ba Ba Bah, I’m Lovin’ It!” —  JAG