From the Judging Committee's Corner

December 7, 2022

Hello! Mike Wright here. I am the MVPA-HA’s new Judging Committee Chair. 

I would like to thank my immediate predecessor, Kevin Hess, for all he did to facilitate the transition.  I would be remiss if I didn’t also thank all of the past chairs and Judging Committee members for all the work they have done.

Other members of our current committee include Chris Doran, Bill Kish, and Michael O’Connell. All of us have judged many times during past conventions. Between the four of us, we own jeeps, trucks, an armored vehicle, and trailers. Combined, we have a decent knowledge of other vehicles and trailers. We also have a few MVPA members who volunteered to share their knowledge. Thank you!


We want to improve a few things in our current program. These include:

• The judging page on the MVPA website.

Until recently, judging was buried under the “Programs” tab. This has been changed! We want to make it easier to find, update, and expand the content.

• Clarify the categories of judging. 

What is “Restored Class” versus “Factory?” 

What is “Motor Pool” versus “Combat Class?”

Our goal is to do a better job of expanding and explaining these categories.

• What are the non-judged categories? 



• Expand the Judging Standards for various vehicles and trailers. 

As it is now, judging is very arbitrary. We have established a “Judging Standards for GPWs.” Now, with assistance from members, we can work on other vehicles and trailers. 

Will we get them all? No. However, if we can create standards for the most common vehicles,  it would help to level the field.

• Solicit input from you, the members of the MVPA!

Let’s hear your thoughts! Send them to: ATTN: Judging committe. 

The 2023 MVPA convention is fast approaching. If you are interested in becoming a judge for the convention contact me at: Put "MVPA 2023 convention judge" in the subject line.

Mike Wright,  Judging Committee Chair

Check out more about our judging program HERE