Getting the Young Involved

May 10, 2022

Museum partners with vocational high school --

The Michigan Military Technical & Historical Society (MIMTHS) in Eastpointe, Michigan, has begun discussions with Drive One Detroit ( to restore the museum’s 1977 Dodge M880 truck. The truck will undergo a full restoration and join the museum’s fleet to support Veteran events, parades, and car shows.

Built at the Warren Truck Plant, the M880 was one of the last in a long line of Dodge military vehicles. It was also one of the Army’s first attempts to purchase a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) vehicle to fulfill a tactical need.

When asked about partnering with Drive One Detroit, MIMTHS president, Chris Causley, said “It is important to support our local vocational education programs. Our country needs a new generation of people who know how to design, build and repair things. Our museum tells the story of how Michigan’s people produced and innovated the tools used to defend our democracy.”

Drive One business advisor, John Dorscht, added, “Having our students restore a military vehicle will help them better appreciate the sacrifices made by our men and women in the armed forces, and the contribution of Michigan’s defense industry, and possible career paths in that area.”

The truck was originally in the collection of the Michigan Museum of Military Transport. They deaccessioned the truck and transferred it to the MIMTHS in 2018.

The museum is accepting donations to help fund this project. Costs to complete the project are expected to run between $15K and $20K. The museum is seeking donations of cash, shop supplies, or parts for the project (log onto for a list of the parts needed for the truck). The museum staff plans to take the truck to car shows and events throughout the summer of 2022 to raise awareness for the project.

For more information about the project, contact:

Chris Causley, MIMTHS President