Message from the MVPA President

November 3, 2022

I was one of more than 75 members who participated in the MVPA-HA sponsored Northwest Parks’22 (NWP’22) Convoy on 14-27 August 2022. This nearly two-week, 1,600-mile convoy passed through numerous Federal and State Parks, following some of the trails of Lewis and Clark. The journey took us to the mouth of the Columbia River in Washington, before heading south through Oregon. Eventually, we returned to our starting point in Kamiah, Idaho. 

MVPA member, Mark Sigrist, lived near Kamiah and created the route and scenario for NWP’22. He planned more than 60% of the details before he, unfortunately, passed away. Previous convoy leaders and members stepped in to finish the project with the assistance of Mark’s wife, Sundi, and their two sons, Danny and Gunnar. 

The starting and end point of NWP’22 was very near the Sigrist farm. The family generously hosted all of the convoy participants and provided space for parking all of the trucks and trailers used to transport their vehicles to the starting point. This was deeply appreciated by all. 

The 2023 MVPA-HA Convention to be held in Des Moines, Iowa, 15-17 June 2023. The full vendor layout will be in the Dec./Jan. issue of History in Motion so get your reservations in! Vehicle displays and indoor vendors will share the same convention floor. Outdoor vender will buy space by the linear foot. We have more than 500 feet available to handle the largest vendors. Contact the Event Director, Bill Scott, with any questions.   

Dues renewal is upon us. Please renew early. And try to sign up a new member when you do. Your dues fund the operation of the MVPA. If you are a member of a local affiliate, please join the MVPA, as well. We are stronger because of our affiliates, and if all joined the MVPA, we could do even more!

 — Kevin Emdee, President