You can be an MVPA Judge!

December 19, 2022

Have seen some folks with books and clipboards looking at vehicles and trailers at MVPA-HA Conventions?,Have you wondered, “What are they doing?”

Well, they’re judging vehicles brought to the Convention by fellow MVPA-HA members!

And, have you wondered why they do it?  I’ll tell why: because it’s fun! However, it’s more than just that. Judges learn a lot and  meet some really great folks while giving back to MVPA-HA.

What does it take to be a judge at a MVPA-HA event?  It’s easy.  First, you volunteer to judge a vehicle or trailer type with which you are familiar. Second, you attend a short meeting at the Convention hosted by a member of the MVPA Judging Committee where you will be introduced to the judging process and the MVPA-HA Judging Guidelines. Finally, will be partnered with experienced judges to observe, learn, and participate in the judging of the vehicle or trailer type that you indicated your familiarity.  You will likely start with judging a “Motor Pool” class vehicle. 

How long does it take to judge a vehicle? Well, that depends on the type. A trailer can go pretty quick — 30 minutes or so.  A tank may take a couple of hours or more. Something like a jeep or 5-ton truck may take 60-90 minutes to complete. 

How many vehicles will you judge? That depends on how many members volunteer to be judges, and the number of vehicles to be judged in your specialty.

If you’re interested in meeting new members and forging some life-long friendships, volunteer to be a judge. Are you interested? If so, contact Bill Kish at: ATTN: Judging Committee or a member of the MVPA-HA Judging Committee

Thank you for your support of your MVPA-HA and the vehicle judging program!